About Miss Lily Flowers

Miss Lily Flowers, Thailand Flower Delivery, Bangkok florist, established in 1998, is the online delivery florist which is considered as the pioneer in ecommerce industry in Thailand. In the beginning, Miss Lily’s programmers had developed database software using Oracle tool considered as the most advances database widely used by banks, insurance companies, and government agencies. In 2001, Miss Lily Flowers, Thailand florist, had developed software on a new open source database, PostgreSQL, which was effective but no license fee. Until 2011, Miss Lily Flowers, Bangkok flower shop, has moved to a new open source platform of MySQL database which becomes very popular among programmers. This helps Miss Lily florist becomes one of the sophisticated organization in online business in Thailand and hopefully, in our region soon.

Miss Lily Flower shop has developed the new flower arrangement and design theory, Raybana, which enables our designers to create and arrange new models. Our florists arrange unique features of flowers having nature and colors blended beautifully. Our Miss Lily website has more than 400 selections of vase, basket, bouquet, and table arrangements and still increasing every day.  

Miss Lily Flowers Office in Bangkok
Miss Lily Office in Bangkok
Accessories Stock
Accessories Stock
Temporary Flower Storage and Preparation Department
Temporary Cold Storage
and Preparation Department
Flower Production Department
Flower Production Department
Packaging and Delivery Department
Packaging and Delivery Department


Modern Management

We apply all software management programs to run our front and back offices to improve the efficiency in Miss Lily. This reduces misinformation on customer ordering system and allow our customers are able to track their orders conveniently.

Less than a year, Miss Lily Co., Ltd. has become the largest florist network in Thailand in terms of sales shortly after launching.


Cold Storage for Flowers

We have installed cold storage rooms to provide temperature at 6 - 10 degrees celsius to keep flowers and leaves fresh at all time. We provide nutrients for flowers to grow while the flowers are still attached to stems. This will allow buds to have more time to receive food effectively before blossoming.

Cold Storage at Miss Lily Office
Cold Storage at Miss Lily Office

Fastest Flower Logistics in Thailand

Previously, Miss Lily had representatives in over 100 stores nationwide. However, due to Miss Lily's high standard of performance to assure our customers the best, we therefore, have set up the new logistic system to deliver our own flower arrangements directly from our Bangkok office to anywhere in Thailand on the following day.


Sophisticated Packaging Designs

Our packaging system has developed into a full temperature controlled condition in the insulated corrugated boxes. This will assure the condition of freshness to all flowers delivered anywhere in Thailand without damaging or reducing the quality of our flowers.

No matter where your are, you can effortlessly send flowers to your friends, colleagues or loved ones anywhere in Thailand within the following day. This makes us the fastest flower delivery company in Thailand.


Innovation Leader in Online Business

Nowadays, we have increased our services and new products into our website www.misslily.com such as imported fruits, frozen tuna product items, and others to come soon.


Call Center: +66-2-970-8000

Email: callcenter@misslily.com

Line ID: @misslily

Order Flowers Online: www.MissLily.com

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/misslilyflowers

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We open Monday to Sunday 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

Miss Lily: We deliver products directly from us to your door step anywhere in Thailand within 24 hours.