Welcome to Miss Lily F.A.Q. In this page, we collect all frequently asked questions you want to know about Miss Lily. Don't forget that you can call us anytime to ask further questions at +662-970-8000

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Ordering from Miss Lily

1. Where is Miss Lily flower shop located and how do I order?

Miss Lily Flowers,Thailand Flower Delivery, is the largest online florist in Thailand. We don't have physical outlet. You can order flowers on our website at www.misslily.com (See how to order flowers online here) or by phone by calling +662-970-8000 or E-mail: callcenter@misslily.com or Line : @misslily

2. What time does Miss Lily Flowers open for order?

Monday to Sunday: We receive order and deliver from 8:00 AM. to 6:00 PM.



3. How can I make payment when I order flowers from Miss Lily?

You can pay by your credit card, which can be done securely online via our credit card transaction system. You can also use bank or ATM transfer. Detail of our bank account can be seen in the payment page after you select your product.

4. How safe is the credit card payment?

Paying by credit card with Miss Lily is secure. We use SSL (Secured Socket Layer) in our web pages and our credit card transaction system is the same used by major banks worldwide.


Flower Delivery by Miss Lily

5. Will my recipient know in advance that they will receive flowers?

Yes. Our delivery agents need to notify the recipients before they deliver to the destination. This is to confirm the address, route, and to make sure that the flowers are delivered safely.

6. Can you not inform my recipient? I want to surprise them.

Yes, we can, but with an additional charge of 1,000 Baht. We would also require you to give us every detail of the recipient's address, including nearby building and how to reach there.

7. Can I fix the delivery time? I need my recipient receive flowers exactly on time

We cannot fully control the time to be exact especially when we deliver to other provinces, for example 10:00 AM. However, we can control the range of time that the flowers will be delivery, for example, early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. This is because the transportation in Thailand cannot be controlled. If you order to deliver flowers in Bangkok, however, you can add special order to deliver in exact time, with an additional charge of 1,000 Baht. We will assign a messenger specially to deliver your order on time.

8. How can I track my order?

We have tracking system which can automatically send you SMS and e-mail at each step: order confirmation, payment received, and when the product reach the recipient. You can also call Mill Lily Call Center (+662-970-8000) anytime to inquire your order status.


About Miss Liy Flowers

9. Is Miss Lily a flower broker or flower manufacturer?

All products are created in house at our head office in Bangkok, Thailand. All flowers sent to recipients are managed under the same high quality standard.

10. Where is the Miss Lily's head office? Is there any other branch?

Miss Lily's head office is located in Soi Ramindra 21, Bangkok, Thailand. (Click here to view map.) Our head office is manufacturing premise and call center. We have no outlet, nor any branch. All flowers are sent from our head office to make sure every flower is arranged under the same high standard. To do so, we have to manufacture every flower ourselves.

11. Where can Miss Lily deliver flowers?

Miss Lily, Bangkok florist, delivers flowers and other premium products door to door anywhere in Thailand directly from out head office in Bangkok. No matter how far you are, you can be sure that our flowers will reach you within 24 hours after payment. Moreover, Miss Lily can deliver flowers to any country in the world with our local florist partners to assure fast delivery. We will cooperate closely with local flower shop to make sure they maintain our high quality. Normally, if you order the same amount, type, and size of flowers, the price will be the same as Thailand price, across the world. (Minimum price for delivery flowers oversea is Baht 4,000 per piece.)

12. How does Miss Lily deliver flowers?

Miss Lily delivers all flowers directly from our head office in Bangkok. We have more than 1,000 delivery agents across every province in Thailand. We transport by buses, vans, trains, ships, or even airplanes. In Bangkok and provincial areas, we deliver flowers using our own messengers.

13. How do Miss Lily's flowers differ from other florists'?

Miss Lily carefully selects the best products for our customers. Start from importing flowers from the best of growers, storing and treating our flowers in special cold storage, manufacturing with care, packaging, and delivery. Each process is under strict quality control to meet the highest Miss Lily's standard.

14. Where are Miss Lily order flowers from?

Miss Lily orders flowers only from the best suppliers. Most of our flowers are imported from overseas, while others are from the best growers in Thailand.

15. How can Miss Lily store and treat flowers in order to maintain freshness?

Miss Lily takes care of every step to make sure our flowers always freshly delivered. We have a very special cold storage system that is always kept between 6-10 Celsius degrees in temperature. In the cold storage, the flowers are stored on their original branches and fed with liquid nutrients, hence the flowers to grow while they are sleeping. Therefore, every flowers are still fresh and strong, ready for manufacturing process.

16. How can Miss Lily manufacture the flowers?

Our flowers in bouquets, vases, and baskets, are arranged by hand, professionally, dimensionally, and strong. All flowers must be in water all of the time. This is the unique process that our staff always keep in mind when they arrange the flowers. And this process makes Miss Lily's flowers fresh and strong once delivered.

17. How can Miss Lily keep flowers fresh in delivery process?

Miss Lily take care of every flowers from manufacturing to packaging. Miss Lily's packaging materials are specialized for flower products, which can both reduce impact and maintain low temperature. You can be sure that all flowers are freshly delivered, and will be still fresh for a long time if taken care of suitably.

18. How can I treat Miss Lily's flowers?

Miss Lily's flowers are well treated from the beginning. All you have to do is to follow the steps in our Flower Care and Treatment page.

19. When was Miss Lily founded?

Miss Lily was the first online florist in Thailand founded in 1998. We are also the first e-commerce business in Thailand. So far, we have over 100,000 customers in our database.