Flower Care & Treatment

Miss Lily, Thailand flower delivery, strives to provide the highest quality flowers in Thailand. However, keeping your flowers fresh and helping them live longer requires some attention from you. Here are some simple things you can do to enjoy your flowers longer.

  1. Purchase the freshest flowers (you can always be assured that Miss Lily delivers only the freshest, most presentable flowers).
  2. Remove all foliage (stems and leaves) below water level.
  3. Cut each flower stem at a 45 degree angle prior to putting flowers in water. Be sure to cut flowers at the bottom of the stem. It is best to put the stem under water while cut- ting for optimum water intake.
  4. Feed flowers a warm nutrient solution (provided with flowers) upon putting them in warm water.
  5. Freshen flowers by re-cutting stems every three days and totally replacing water with new nutrient solution in a clean vase (more nutrient solution can be purchased at any fine flower shop)
  6. Be sure to top-up the flower's water every day. Every three days replace all the water.
  7. Spray your flowers with water every day. This can be done using a clean spray bottle;similar to one you would use for ironing. This is a shower for flowers!
  8. Display your flowers in a cool,draft free place. Too much direct sunlight can also damage your flowers.
  9. Talk to your flowers everyday. There're quite a few research showing that if you talk to them everyday, the flowers will last longer.


Flower Display Tips

  • Display your flowers in your favorite vase or container. Flowers can be put in any number of interesting vessels from a traditio- nal vase, an antique teapot, glass jar or maybe even a brass urn. Try to avoid putting flowers in steel or iron containers.
  • Put flowers in a vase or container that is half to onethird as tall as your flowers.This will better showcase your flowers.
  • If your flowers are not standing up straight, try putting them in a taller vase or container.
  • Another way to help your flowers stand up straight is by building a grid with clear tape across the top of your container.Now place your flowers within the grid. The tape will prevent them from falling over.
  • Uh oh! If you have accidentally cut your flowers too short,don't worry. You can add pebbles or marbles to the bottom of your vase or container to help them stand taller. You can also simply float flower heads in a clear bowl this creates a beautiful display.


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