Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day Gift, Valentine Roses

Valentine's day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection, and friendship. Miss Lily selected premium Valentine gifts for you. As we realize the value of love and impression, Miss Lily carefully selected special breeds of red rose, raised in classified farms, gently arranged in Miss Lily's luxury styles, to present as an ambassador of your love. 

Every roses from the selected farm are taken care with highly innovate and high quality procedure to make sure every petals and blooms will be fresh in your lover's hands. Tell your lover how much is your love with Miss Lily's Valentine Roses.


Premium Valentine's Day Gift


Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
6 Red Roses Bouquet
Order online only
Baht 2,700
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 2,400
Feb 1 - 8 2,700
Feb 9 - 16   2,700
Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
9 Red Roses Bouquet
"Eternal Love"
Baht 4,050
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 2,925
Feb 1 - 7 3,150
Feb 8 - 12  3,600
Feb 13 - 15  4,050
Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
12 Red Roses Bouquet
"Be My Steady"
Baht 5,400
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 3,900
Feb 1 - 8 4,200
Feb 8 - 12  4,800
Feb 13 - 15  5,400
Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
18 Red Roses Bouquet
"Devoted to You"
Baht 8,100
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 5,850
Feb 1 - 8 6,300
Feb 8 - 12  7,200
Feb 13 - 15   8,100
Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
24 Red Roses Bouquet
"Thinking of You"
Baht 10,800
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 7,800
Feb 1 - 8 8,400
Feb 8 - 12  9,600
Feb 13 - 15  10,800
Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
36 Red Roses Bouquet
"Our Romantic Moment"
Baht 12,600
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 10,800
Feb 1 - 8 12,600
Feb 8 - 12  12,600
Feb 13 - 15  12,600
Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
99 Red Roses Bouquet
"Love You as Long as I Live"
Baht 34,650
Period Price (Baht)
Before Jan 31 29,700
Feb 1 - 8 34,650
Feb 8 - 12  34,650
Feb 13 - 15  34,650

Valentine Long Bouquet - 799 Roses "Everlasting Love"

Even they said "Love cannot be bought with money" but if we try to find something so rare and worthy, it will represent as well how much is your love. How many people will send 799 roses bouquet, which is costing the earth, more than 1 meter wide and weight no less than 50 kg, for their beloved in Valentine's Day? If there is any, he/she will be remembered for lifetime and become legend in Valentine history.

Red Rose Valentine Bouquet
Valentine Circle Bouquet
799 Roses

"Everlasting Love"

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